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A Year in Review - Season 2012

Campus Tornadoes – Race report July 2012 (download the printable version here)

The build up to the July race was horrendous from a training perspective. Some of the June/July weekends were amongst the wettest weekends experienced in many years. Rain on most weekends forced us to abandon our Vic Park training due to safety concerns for our riders. This, coupled with dirt and debris on the Vic Park track which worked its way into the mechanics of the trikes three weeks out from the July race, saw us make the decision to take the racing trikes off the track and try some different types of training. An awesome mountain bike track was researched by one of our young riders and his Dad and this proved a hit with the majority of the team who rose to the challenge of the training and the mud!! Will lost his shoe in the mud (but did retrieve it), Matt stacked his bike and sported enough blood to be able to brag about it. The smiles on faces proved that they had all enjoyed the experience – thanks Michael and Scott.

Leading up to the race, showers were forecast for most of the week and into the weekend. Sunday dawned a mild morning of around 10 degrees with sun!! Our now experienced Pit Crew (AKA parents) as well as many of our excited riders, took no time to erect our pit area. The whole team seemed relaxed which set the scene for the day. Head Mechanic/Team Manager Paul, who had been away trekking Australia for much of the time between the races, was absolutely thrilled with everything – the set up, the condition of the trikes and most importantly the attitude and commitment of our riders. We don’t think he was prepared for everything to be as well organised as it was. This is a testament to the individual strengths of every member of this team. Team Manager Ali commented on the delight of having Paul back amongst us again, illuminating us all once more with his special brand of magic!

Our starting riders took their positions on the grid – Amy in Twisted (sponsored by Wanted! Brands and Traction Bikes and Trikes), Jack in Wasp (sponsored by Kytons Bakery), Jesse in Rocket (sponsored by Bridgestone Aberfoyle Park) and Sam in Evolution (sponsored by Tonkin Schutz Design and Build). The warm sun shone on the record field of around 184 trikes as all riders waited in anticipation of the start. A rolling lap behind the pace car followed by the usual high speed take off by the fast open teams on the front of the grid who managed to be in front of the first lap carnage as around 20 trikes crashed on the first main bend. To the credit of the Campus riders, they managed to avoid the carnage. Fortunately everyone involved in the crash soon got moving again.

Our Team Managers were constantly wowed by the maturity and focus of all our riders. The development of all our new riders between the May and July races was evident throughout the day. When Dainon took a big knock and came into pits with grazes and minor cuts to his leg and hand, the experience and maturity of our Old Scholar Team shone through, with team members encouraging him to “get back on the bike” and have another go. He did just that. Seeing him move from trepidation and concern, to chaffing at the bit and raring to go out again, spoke volumes for the power of mentorship and team spirit. It really demonstrated what a privilege it is for us to be involved in the lives of all our riders and make a positive difference to them all through Pedal Prix.

The July race is usually the hardest race for a TM to work out teams, but this year it seemed easier as the trikes are all working so well & the riders like all of them. They respect the effort of the mechanics & how lucky they are to race in these beautiful trikes. Their understanding of the race rules, their pride & professionalism on & off the track is always a proud moment.

The break that was given to the trikes prior to the race paid off, with the four trikes racing with no issues for the entire race, something of a rarity in any team. Thank you to our entire mechanic team for the love and care they ploughed into these trikes since around February but particularly in the lead up to July. You are an awesome group of Dads.

The style of racing in Twisted seems to be a smooth flowing yacht cutting through the increasing swell but finds the gaps to stay away from trouble. These riders are amazing as they pushed themselves for a great result. The trike still looks excellent – which is fantastic from a mechanics point of view!

Wasp is something of a hidden talent trying to prove its deserved position amongst the faster Cat 1 teams. It's prepared to take risk & sometimes it cops a belt as a reminder to keep learning. Yet, these riders are knocking on the door of the top teams.

Rocket was really pushed hard in this race but that was the intention to see how they all coped with some added pressure. No mistakes, no regret just push hard for personal & team achievement. We believed they could win as long as they worked as a team, not as individuals. It was this belief in themselves & their trust in the TM's, which ended with a very good result.

Evolution is maturing - that is very evident. The team spirit & unity has been noted by other teams as well as by Cat 1 students & parents. Now these riders quietly hold their heads high & rightly so, they know they’re being watched & commented on for their behaviour on & off the track. These riders are the ones TM Paul turns to for input and he values this. It's this track knowledge & potential trike issues which is paramount for the entire team.

The race results speak for themselves but the most important thing for the team is that the riders and their parents have a good time and go home with pride. This pride in their children’s efforts will carry on far longer than Pedal Prix. One of the most important memories of pedal prix should be the belief in themselves and their ability to set a goal then achieve it. Never give up and learn from your experiences.

This sort of persistence and self belief has lead to achievements which have changed the world. Thomas Edison experimented with 10,000 different light bulbs before he developed one that worked. He was asked why he wasted so much effort with the failed ones. He replied that he had not failed, he simply found 10,000 ways that did not work.

Congratulations to all our riders for their incredible efforts on the track!!

Twisted (Category 1) 21st in July and 16th for the Championship. Twisted will not be racing in Murray Bridge, but what an incredible finish for this team.

Wasp (Category 1) 10th in July and 9th for the Championship. We can’t wait to see what the Wasp riders do in Murray Bridge.

Rocket (Category 1) 1st in July and 1st for the Championship. Just 13 championship points separate 1st and 4th in Cat 1. Murray Bridge will be an exciting and challenging race.

Evolution (Category 2 – OST) 3rd in July and 4th for the Championship. As with Cat 1, just 13 points separate 1st and 4th in cat 2.

We wish all our fellow teams a fantastic and safe race in Murray Bridge. We have experienced the highs and seen the heart break that comes with racing, but take one minute at a time, do your best and enjoy the experience – Rule 1 – Have Fun.

Thank you to Bern, Betina and our awesome catering team who kept the whole team fed throughout the day and to everyone who baked for the day.

Thank you to Greg and his super organised logistics team who plan and prepare our pit area, then transport everything to and from the race. The pit area is always so open and inviting for our visitors, but also encompasses every member of our team to help them all feel included. This does not just happen, it takes careful planning.

Thanks also to Mark and his awesome timing team including our trike spotters. They all play an important part in recording what the team is doing on the track. This recording enables us to show the riders what they are achieving on the track and helps them strive for their mini goals such as beating their personal best time or number of laps. It creates friendly competition amongst friends on the track and helps them see their improvement. This is an important part of goal setting.

A huge thank you to Chris G, Ali and Steve (with help from Ros) for taking training during the week and to Ali and Karen for leading the riders and preparing them for the July race in the absence of our biggest supporter (& TM) Paul.

The quiet achievers on the day were our group of 4 track marshals. They have all completed training and represent Campus by helping manage check points around the course every race. Graham, Rob, Steve and Jason – thank you.

We also thank our teachers, family and friends who came along to Vic Park during the day to encourage and support our team. Your presence is appreciated by our entire team.

Finally, a huge thank you to our valued sponsors. Their support for the team is awesome. Without their help, we would find it that much harder to offer this amazing sport to our young people.

Campus Tornadoes – Race Report May 2012
(download the printable version here)

As with any type of racing, with Pedal Prix you have to expect the unexpected. This year, the unexpected was the beautiful weather that was given to us for this particular day. All week the reports were for cold and wet. Rain had been falling most of the week, resulting in wet conditions underfoot. But the sun shone brightly and the morning was mild. Many people came rugged up not expecting to be removing their layers so early in the day.

With a very experienced existing parents and very keen new parents, everyone pitched in to set up our pit area. Soon, the smell of bacon and eggs filled the air. Not from our wonderful caterers, but from the team next door. More on this later.

Our mechanic team had been working so hard in the past few months, but particularly in the past two weeks, when our trikes had cried out that they needed some rest and attention. Training had been full on for the past 6 or 7 weeks and the training surface had been rough on the trikes. The trikes were rested for two weeks and came out of the trailer covered in anticipation of the big reveal. Our new trike “Twisted” (sponsored jointly by Wanted! Brands and Traction Bikes and Trikes) and our newly painted Rocket (Bridgestone Aberfoyle Park) and Wasp (Kytons Bakery) would be racing for the primary school while Evolution (Tonkin Schutz Design and Build) would, for the second year, race our Old Scholars Team in the Junior Secondary category. There was much interest in the trikes as the covers came off, from our wonderful team of students – many of whom were seeing most of these trikes in their racing glory for the very first time, as well as our parents and even passersby stopped to take a look.

All too soon, the record field of around 165 trikes were called to the grid. Bridget, Josh, Will and Nick started off the race for their trike teams. Our 5 new riders and their parents looked on in wonder, nervousness and excitement at what the day ahead would offer. The race was fairly uneventful, much to the relief of the mechanic team.

But there were a host of memorable moments such as Paul assisting Bridget from the trike. She is so tall that Paul would have been half way through our pits with her top half, as her legs were not even out of the trike. Then there were the smiles on the faces of all our riders as they finished their rides. The experience was so exciting, they couldn’t wait to get back in again. The way our riders looked out for each other was superb. There were riders going and looking for riders whose turn was coming up to make sure they didn’t miss their ride. They helped each other, particularly our newer riders, to get ready and the cheers of encouragement as riders finished their rides was simply deafening at times. Then there was Paul’s 200 metre dash to assist one of our new riders, stuck on the hill with a slipped chain. The Olympic committee will be calling for him to compete in London at this rate. Pity he has to be here for our July race!!

One of the most pleasing aspects of the race was the way every rider showed respect for the trikes and the work of the mechanics. This is all part of being a team, not just a team of riders, but also the wider team that is Campus Tornadoes. The whole team can be commended for their conduct and the way they represented their school. Their sportsmanship and the way they helped each other get organised was a credit to them all.

One of our new team managers, who is also experiencing Pedal Prix for the very first time, was in awe of the whole event. At one stage she was offered a break to go and get some lunch. Her reply….”I will in a minute”. I could read between the lines…..”I don’t want to miss a thing. I am eating adrenalin at the moment. That will do!!”
Our catering team again provided a varied menu, which was really appreciated by the entire team and our many family and friends who came to watch and support our team of riders. There was a time when our BBQ cook Darren was standing with duelling BBQs with the BBQ cook from the team next door. They could have literally flipped their onions, burgers and snags between hot plates, they were having fun and that really showed the flavour of the day. Great weather, an awesome race and kids, (big and small), having the time of their lives.

While the achievements of every rider was special, it all contributed to amazing results for our Campus record books too. The final placings of all our trikes, within their categories was absolutely brilliant. Just a few short years ago we achieved our first top ten placing. This year, in primary school category (Cat 1) Rocket finished 3rd with Wasp 9th and Twisted in 13th. Meanwhile in the junior secondary category (Cat 2) Evolution finished in 4th position. Even more amazing, Sam from the Evolution team shaved a little off his lap record from July 2011 to gain the fastest lap for Cat 2 for the day. This is also the fastest ever lap for Cat 2 in the Vic Park races. His brother Jesse also achieved the fastest lap of the day for the primary school category (Cat 1) in Rocket. The “Twisted” team, with 5 new riders who had never experienced a race before, showed much determination in their 13th place. Our Team Managers are in for a hard time selecting teams for July, let alone September.

Congratulations to the entire Campus Tornadoes team on their combined achievements and results. You are truly inspirational. We look forward to the July race to see what you do next.

Thank you to our support team who assisted in so many ways to get our team ready for the day and lent a hand on the day to make sure everything was set up and packed up and everything in between.

A huge thank you to our entire mechanic team, who put in so many hours to get these trikes on the track.

Finally, a simple thankyou to our valued sponsors. Their support for the team is awesome. Without their help, we would find it that much harder to offer this amazing sport to our young people.

Our sponsors for 2012 are
• Bridgestone Aberfoyle Park
• Tonkin Schutz Design and Build Edwardstown
• Kytons Bakery Edwardstown
• Wanted! Brands Harbour Town
• Traction Bikes and Trikes Aberfoyle Park
• BSC Lonsdale
• Underground Designs St Agnes
• A1 Apparel Aberfoyle Park
• MXits

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