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A Year in Review - Season 2011

Race Wrap Up 2011

Rocket's weekend started not so well with a mystery gremlin which cut the training session very short and put us way back in the start grid. Over the following 24 hours the riders continued to chip away at the back markers after some more issues early in the race were fixed. They kept that "never give up attitude" all the way to the end.

Wasp performed faultlessly for the entire race. It just kept going around and around!! We observed some outstanding lap times from this team which is very promising for the next season.

Creator had a rocky start to the Friday night with a massive rollover due to rider brain fade. Once the repairs were completed late on Friday night, the trike continued to race for the entire race even with multiple crashes.

Evolution OST performed well for the entire season and proved they can be asked to perform above their own expectations. The roster worked exactly according to plan.

Race Report : Sunday 31st July 2011

It was an unseasonably warm day following a week of rain. The setup of the Campus Pedal Prix pits for this second race was made interesting by the slippery mud and pools of water, but our entire team pitched in an by 8am, everything was set up.

With the team walk of the track and photos out of the way. It was soon time to form the grid. Elysha proudly rode the newly built Tonkin Schutz Design and Build sponsored "Creator" to the grid. Our awesome mechanic team had set their goal, following the May race, of building the last of our four trikes to fully replace our aged fleet. "Creator" looked supberb with its deep blue veil. Back in the pits, "Creators" other riders were eager to hit the track for their rides. The one drawback of Pedal Prix racing is that, while it is a team sport, only one rider can take to the track at a time and patience must be learned by all riders.

Joining Elysha on the grid were experienced riders Bridget in the Pinnacle Trikes sponsored "Evolution", Brad in the Bridgestone sponsored "Rocket" and Olivia in the Wanted! Brands sponsored "Wasp". With the blue skies, warm morning and a field of around 180 trikes, the atmosphere on the grid was electric as the National Athem sang out over
the PA system and riders started the rolling lap behind the Clipsal pace car. Then the race start was signalled by the wave of the Aussie flag. The driver of the pace car always seems to struggle to get out of the way of the fastest trikes. It never ceases to amaze spectators how quickly the lead trikes come whizzing around the track.

Someone reminded me recently that there is no "I" in team. Pedal Prix is one of those sports that displays this so vividly. It requires the best of each and every rider, doing their part for the good of the team. They must display patience as they wait for their turn, courage on the track when they are involved in incidents and rollovers, team work in making sure they are ready when their turn comes along and supporting and encouraging their team mates to do their best.

But it is not just the riders who part of this team. It is our mechanics, who spend many, many hours working on our trikes - making sure they are in top condition for our riders. It is our catering team who plan our meals and snacks, cooking, creatin and serving, to make sure no one runs out of energy. It is our logistics team who organise our pits to create a comfortable environment, making sure needs of the entire team are met. It is our teachers who train, organise paperwork, support and encourage in everything we do. It is our amazing parent team who encourage and support our riders, transporting them to training, supporting our catering and logistics teams by offering their help where needed. It is our Team Managers who have the difficult job of assessing how each rider is going, trying different rider combinations and setting each team for the races, constantly changing their mentoring style for the vast differences in experience between riders. No, there is defintely no "I" in team, just many people that make everything runs so smoothly.

We are so fortunate to have a large group of enthusiastic riders for the 2011 season and while this may mean they need to wait patiently for their rides in the two 6 hour races, they will appreciate having the extra team mates in September, where anything can happen and usually does.

The final race for the season promises to be full of excitement, thrills and, no doubt, a few spills with each of out teams well positioned in the primary and lower secondary categories. Nothing our new families have experienced to date, will compare to the experience of the big 24 hour race at Murray Bridge starting at 12 noon Saturday 17th September. If you are looking for an awesome outing for the weekend, pack your family into the car, come to Sturt Reserve, Murray Bridge and cheer on the Campus Pedal Prix team. You'll have a ball and our team would love the support.

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