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A Year in Review - Season 2010

Following the purchase of a new bike prior to the September 2009 race, and with the need to keep updating our fleet of bikes, a second bike was ordered in Decmebr 2009.

2010 promised to be an exciting year for Campus Pedal Prix. Of the 21 riders last year, we had a fantastic group of 15 returning riders. Some of these riders will be in their third year this year and form a very strong leadership group for our new riders in 2010.

At the start of the year, we had plenty of interest from new students wanting to join this amazing sport. Some 25 expressions of interest were lodged and the committee faced a couple of dilemmas. Firstly, how many bikes to register and secondly, did we need to put a selection criteria in place. The first was easy to solve, and following discussions with the mechanic team, it was decided that we would race 4 bikes in May and July and 3 in September for the 24 hour race. The second was a much harder decision to need to make and it was decided we would wait until after our information night and see whether we had more or less than the 40 students wanting to ride. At Campus, we believe that Pedal Prix should be open to any student who is willing and able to put in the training, and commitment needed to be part of our team. Pedal Prix teaches students many life skills and we, as parents and teachers, regularly see the maturity and personal growth that students experience through training and competing. Respectfully, a number of parents and students acknowledged that they could not offer the level of commitment required at this point and our numbers settled at 31, a very managable number for the number of bikes racing in all races.

Our mechanic team worked long and hard on our three bikes, with a plan in place that would enable them to concentrate on the new bike when it was delivered. They did an amazing job and overcame many obstacles along the way, to produce 4 beautiful bikes ready for racing in our first race in May. Just days before the race, we attempted to apply a sticker overlay to the white painted shells of the new bikes. Due to the shape of the bikes, the stickers would simply not take. Our wonderful long term sponsor, Underground Designs, assisted in referring us to Top Coat Motorcycles. Working late into the night, Jamie from Top Coat, painted the design onto the top of the bikes - the result was absolutely incredible! Both Bridgestone Rocket and Computer Hospital Screamer looked awesome and professional. We have to thank Marty and Jamie for their generousity and community spirit in assisting.

With new bikes come the cost of buying them. Many long hours of fundraising have been done this year and we must thank everyone who assisted in sausage sizzles, raffle and our school disco. The benefit of this hard work is evident in the faces of everyone of our riders and the enthuiasm and pride with which they train and race.

Go Campus!

2010 Parent volunteers
A big thank you to the wonderful band of parents who again volunteered their time to ensure another successful year. In particular, those who volunteered for the committee put in a great amount of work. They are:

Chairperson: Angela Evans
Head Mechanic: Scott Denton
Logistics Manager: Greg Kelly
Communications: Julie Worsman
Catering: Carol Kuerschner
Marketing: Angela Evans
Fundraising: Betina Denton
Team Managers: Paul Clarke, Tonya Croxton & Todd Kuerschner

Thanks to Bec Moore who who continues as our Pedal Prix Manager and does a wonderful job. To Chris Gent who coordinates Monday afternoon training again this year along with Angela Evans who co-ordinates Thursday morning training with teacher, Graham Palmer, and a small band of enthusiastic parents. In addition we would like to thank all of the other parents who gave of their valuable time fundraising and preparing for the races, as well as bringing their children to practice sessions.

A huge thank you to our sponsors for their ongoing support and financial assistance. We were very fortunate to have Bridgestone, Aberfoyle Park continue as Gold Sponsor this year which allowed them to continue naming rights for a vehicle. Computer Hospital, Oakden came on board as a new Gold Sponsor this year which gave them naming rights to another of our bikes. Pinnacle Trikes continued their sponsorship of our team, by reducing the cost of our second new bike and supplying some parts at no cost. We are very happy to commend the products and services of our wonderful sponsors.

This year we were proudly sponsored and supported by:
• Bridgestone, Aberfoyle Park
• Computer Hospital, Oakden
• Pinnacle Trikes
• Ken Major
• Top Coat Motorcycles, St Agnes
• Underground Designs , St Agnes
• Flinders Uni
• Southside Chickens, Murray Bridge
• Aldgate Cycles

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