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A Year in Review - Season 2009

2009 was always going to be a challenging year for the whole team - riders and support crew (parents). Only 7 riders from 2008 returned and we also lost a huge amount of experience within the Committee and parents, with 2 sets of parents, who had been involved over many years, leaving Campus with their children moving onto year 8. But in true Campus style, parents new to the sport, stood up to the challenge and worked with continuing parents to create a platform from which the 2009 Pedal Prix season began.

This year we retained one of our mechanics, but were extremely fortunate to gain two new mechanics with the passion and drive to make these bikes work. Although we had a good race in September 2008, with little damage to the bikes, the mechanic team decided to strip the bikes right down to their bare frames and assess what needed to be done to ensure rider safety. Many hours of blood, sweat and tears went into each of the three bikes and soon they were ready for the first training session.

23 keen, enthusiastic students took to the training track and pedalled their hearts out, eagerly listening to the instruction and advice of the three Team Managers, who were new to the role. With only two weeks before the first race in May, there was a lot of work to be done to teach the basics of riding a recumbent bike, changing gears, pit stop protocol, turning corners, understanding what different coloured flags mean and so on.

Attendance at the training sessions was good and the team were raring to go, the competitive streak in this team was evident from the start, but so was their team spirit. They bonded well with each other and the Team Managers were delighted with their charges' attitudes. The May race arrived and, after a few tweaks, all three cars passed scrutineering without any major issues. The weather forecast for Sunday was good, 17 degrees and mainly fine, with the possibility of occasional light morning showers.....well, how wrong can a weather report be!! The day was the wettest May race in over 10 years (according to past parents). Regardless of the rain and mud, the spirits of our team were not dampened.

After the May race our mechanics set about fixing a few problems with the bikes that had been revealed during the race. Bridgestone Bullet copped the biggest of the problems, but the mechanics rose to the challenge and again, produced bikes that were ready for the next big event.

The July race was a unique event, the first time ever the Victoria Park race was 9 hours in duration. The weather was much kinder than in the July race, with only a light morning shower although drizzle returned late in the afternoon. Being 9 hours created it's own challenges for the whole team. For many riders, this was their first taste of night riding, a good experience leading up to September. For Logistics, there was lights and heating to be considered and fo rthe caterers, there was an extra meal to plan for the hungry hoardes.

It was around this time, and after a couple of years of discussion, that it was decided we needed to bite the bullet (so to speak) and start the program of replacing our fleet. Discussions with many trike manufacturers had been occurring to this point and it was decided that Pinnacle Trikes (Vic) offerred the team the best options for a primary school team. The shell and frame were ordered and the mechanics set up a stringent roster to overhaul the second bike, we would be racing in September, so that when the new bike pieces arrived, the full focus could be channelled into building the new bike, that would carry the Bridgestone Bullet name for this final race.

The second bike once again was named Silver Fusion in recognition of the two bikes from which many of her team had ridden much of the year. This bike looked fantastic and the riders gave many positive comments about this new improved version.

The new shell and frame arrived late on the Wednesday night, less than two weeks out from the 24 hour race. The challenge was on to build a car from the pieces that were presented to the mechanic team. In the early hours of Sunday morning, just 3 days of build time, the final piece was put in place and Bridgestone Bullet MkII was born. The Bullet riders for Murray Bridge has just 1 training session to become familiar with driving Bullet. They did it in style!!!

At scrutineering in Murray Bridge, a few minor changes were requested. The team that were present on the Friday drew together to build the campsite we would call home until just after lunch on Sunday.

The cars performed fantastically during the race and apart from a few minor things, saw the race out with no major mechanical or accident related problems. Well done to Scott Denton, Paul Clarke and their team of mechanics for their outstanding efforts all year.

2009 Parent volunteers
A big thank you to the wonderful band of parents who again volunteered their time to ensure another successful year. In particular, those who volunteered for the committee put in a great amount of work. They were:

Chairperson: Angela Evans
Head Mechanic: Scott Denton
Logistics Manager: Mark Brock
Communications: Julie Worsman
Catering: Vanessa and Clare Rowley
Marketing: Angela Evans
Fundraising: Betina Denton
Team Managers: Paul Clarke, Catrina Pryor and Ian Rowley

In addition, thanks to Bec Moore who was thrust into the Pedal Prix Manager's role on arrival at the Campus this year and did an absolutely superb job. To Chris Gent who coordinated Monday afternoon training again this year along with Vanessa Rowley and Graham Palmer who co-ordinated Thursday morning training with a small band of enthusiastic parents. Other people who provided invaluable assistance throughout the year were: Darren Little, Todd Kuerschner, Carol Kuerschner, Pete & Sandy Murgatroyd and Nola Shields

In addition we would like to thank all of the other parents who gave of their time in preparing for the 24 hour race.

A huge thank you to our sponsors for their ongoing support and financial assistance. We were very fortunate to have Bridgestone, Aberfoyle Park continue as Gold Sponsor this year which allowed them to continue naming rights for a vehicle. Pinnacle Trikes also commenced sponsorship of our team, by reducing the cost of our new bike and supplying some parts at no cost. We are very happy to commend their products and services to this community.

This year we were proudly sponsored and supported by:
• Bridgestone, Aberfoyle Park
• Pinnacle Trikes
• Ken Major
• Discount City Carpets, Croydon Park
• Noarlunga Private Hospital
• Underground Designs
• Flinders Uni
• Southside Chickens, Murray Bridge
• Aldgate Cycles

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