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A Year in Review - Season 2008

As happens each year, this one started much too soon. With only 8 riders from last year remaining, it took a lot of hard work to generate the enthusiasm amongst the Campus students to build another Pedal Prix team for 2008. We have ended up with 22 riders, two less than last year. As a result, we decided to race all three cars in May and July but only two in September, with Fuming Fusion intended to be retired after the July race.

We also lost a number of our key personnel from last year, including our entire mechanics team. Unfortunately, after the battering the cars received last year, rebuilding the mechanic team was a primary focus for the start of the year. Two parents stood up to take on the challenge and after many, many hours of hard work involving stripping the vehicles to their frames, re-welding where necessary, repainting the frames and then rebuilding the cars, they were ready for the first training session.

Attendance at the training sessions was good and the team were enthusiastic. The May race arrived and, after a few tweaks, all three cars passed scrutineering without any major issues. The cars' strength were tested again during the race and Silver Streak was again involved in a major collision. The rider, Eliza, was badly shaken but to her credit, she got back in the car later in the day and did some really great times. It was a fantastic display of courage as the crash she was involved in was very severe.

After the May race our training venue at the O'Halloran Hill TAFE could no longer be used as speed humps had been installed. This resulted in a very protracted exercise of trying to locate a suitable alternative location. While this was going on, we travelled to Victoria Park Racecourse with many other teams however due to the much greater distance, attendance was not very good.

At scrutineering for the July race, the mechanics were told that Fuming Fusion's rear roll bar was too low. The mechanics then spent all day on Saturday cutting off the existing roll bar, fabricating a new one and welding it back onto the car so it would be ready for the next day's race. As if they didn't have enough to do!

As a result of the limited training, our performance at the July race suffered with many riders' times being slower than in May. The cars continued to get battered and the mechanics had to work hard all year to get them on the training track.

Eventually, two carparks at Flinders University were found and training after the July event was held there. The carparks were not ideal however attendance did imrove. More crashes at training kept the mechanics very busy and, with less than two weeks to the 24 hour event, it was decided that Silver Streak would not be able to be repaired to race condition in time for the race so Fuming Fusion was brought back from the brink of retirement. This truly would be the end of the long run for Silver Streak. Unfortunately, not the send off befitting such a great vehicle.

With new chains, wheels, derailers and other bits and pieces, Bridgestone Bullet and Fuming Fusion were prepared for the 24 hour event and were in the best condition they had been all year.

When the cars were taken to Scrutineering on the Friday morning, the mechanics were asked to change the registered name for the race from Silver Streak to Fuming Fusion. In a moment of frivolity, they named the car 'Silver Fusion' and combined the stickers for the car to give it that name.

The cars performed fantastically during the race and apart from a few minor things, saw the race out with no major mechanical or accident related problems. Well done to Scott Denton and Ian Rowley for their outstanding efforts all year.

2008 Parent volunteers
A big thank you to the wonderful band of parents who again volunteered their time to ensure another successful year. In particular, those who volunteered for the committee put in a great amount of work. They were:

Chairperson: Peter Hanney
Head Mechanic: Scott Denton
Logistics Manager: Greg Kelly
Communications: Jo Powell
Catering: Natalie Drazil
Marketing: Angela Evans

In addition, thanks to Trevor Arney who was thrust into the Pedal Prix Manager's role on arrival at the Campus this year and to Chris Gent who coordinated Monday afternoon training again this year. Other people who provided invaluable assistance throughout the year were: Wendy Stampke, Ian Rowley, Clare Rowley, Vanessa Rowley, and Debbie Hanney.

In addition we would like to thank all of the other parents who gave of their time in preparing for the 24 hour race.

A huge thank you to our sponsors for their ongoing support and financial assistance. We were very fortunate to have Bridgestone, Aberfoyle Park become a Gold Sponsor this year which allowed them to have naming rights for a vehicle. Hence Thermal Thunder became Bridgestone Bullet this year. Curves, Aberfoyle Park and Elders, Aberfoyle Park/Flagstaff Hill also contributed as Silver sponsors which has provided much needed funds for the Campus team. We are very happy to commend their products and services to this community.

This year we were proudly sponsored and supported by:
• Bridgestone, Aberfoyle Park
• Curves, Aberfoyle Park
• Elders Real Estate, Aberfoyle Park/Flagstaff Hill
• Ken Major
• Noarlunga Private Hospital
• Underground Designs
• Kennards Hire, Darlington
• O'Halloran Hill TAFE
• Flinders Uni
• Southside Chickens, Murray Bridge
• Aldgate Cycles

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