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A Year in Review - Season 2007

As a result of losing over half our team from last year, it was always going to be a struggle to replace those numbers this year. Although much effort was put into recruiting, we have only been able to build a team of 24 riders this year.

As usual, we were only able to fit in two Sunday training sessions before the first 6 hour event at Victoria Park Racecourse in May. Attendance was good and the students were enthusiastic.Following the May race, another four Sunday sessions saw the students gain some valuable experience in the cars to prepare them for the next race in July. A few minor rollovers sent chills up the spines of parents but the students were unscathed and battled on.

Once again, our three vehicles from last year are being used again. They have held up very well with only minor problems that the mechaincs seem to have been able to resolve with not too many dramas. Fuming Fusion had a hangover from last year's 24 hour race where an unknown problem caused it to perform poorly, with apparent drag that made it hard to pedal. No cause could be found last year and early this year. However, thanks to some keen eyes from our mechanic team, a couple of problems were found and fixed and we are now coinfident that the vehicle will be much faster at the 24 hour race.

2007 Parent Volunteers
A big thank you to the wonderful band of parents who again volunteered their time to ensure another successful year. In particular, those who volunteered for the committee put in a great amount of work. They were:

Chairperson: Peter Hanney
Head Mechanic: Phil Bigg
Logistics Manager: Phil Bigg
Communications: Jo Powell
Catering: Kay Starczak
Marketing: David Powell

In addition, Karen Matthews undertook the Pedal Prix Manager's role for her fourth year and Chris Gent coordinated Monday afternoon training. Other parents who provided invaluable assistance throughout the year were: Bill and Di Wood, Wendy Stampke, Angela and Mark Evans, Ann John, Maria Sheppard, Natalie Drazil and Debbie Hanney. In addition we would like to thank all of the other parents who gave of their time in preparing for the 24 hour race.I hope I haven't missed anyone.

A big thank you to our sponsors for their ongoing support and financial assistance. We are very happy to commend their products and services to this community.

This year we are proudly sponsored and supported by:
• Trak Cycles
• O'Halloran Hill TAFE
• BankSA
• Kennards Hire

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