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A Year in Review - Season 2006

The new year began as usual with information sessions held for the Year 5, 6 and 7 students as well as an evening sessions for parents and students in early March. Even the year 5, 6 and 7 teachers were given an education in Pedal Prix. With only a few drop outs from the original list, we were left with 33 students competing this year. This was down on last year but everyone was very enthusiastic.

A decision was made after last year to reduce the number of riders in our 'speed team' for the September race but at the same time, have a greater expectation on them to be able to stay in the car for more laps to reduce pit change-over times. Therefore, the riders who were to be selected for this team had to demonstrate the ability to maintain fast times over a greater number of laps. Selection for this team was primarily based on this however the other usual factors of committment to training and attitude etc also applied. However, after the July race, it was decided to stay with a team of 10 riders.

Half Mad Max sold
Half Mad Max, a vehicle we converted to a single seater from an original two seater (Mad Max) a few years ago, was sold to the Loxton Primary School. We were excited to see Half Mad at the 24 hour race in September.

Campus Comet sold
Campus Comet was officially retired at the start of this year after a long and distinguished career. In June, it too was sold. Naracoorte Primary School purchased Comet to begin their Pedal Prix journey this year. As with Half Mad, we were excited to see Comet raciing in September.

New Vehicle built this year
At the end of last year we bought a new frame so we could build a new vehicle for 2006. Dave Lunn, our Head Mechanic, busily got the frame prepared and purchased all the necessary bits and pieces. The vehicle made it's debut in the May race.

A competition was held to find a name for the vehicle and below is a list of all the suggestions put forward by the students:

• Aberfoyle Asteroid • Burning Bullet • Campus Carnage • Draft Demon
• Fast Friction • Flaming Fire • Fluorescent Flash • Fuming Fusion
• Get Airborne • HP Stealth • HPV Stealth • Lightning Strike
• Mighty Meteor • Mighty Meteor • Red Revolution • Red Rocket
• Red Rotation • Roaring Rocket • Rocket Racer • Rocket Rider
• Rolling Rocket • Shooting Star • Slipstream Slipstream
• The Concorde • Tornado Speeder • Track Terminator • Zipping Zoom

Lidsay Bigg won the naming competition with her entry "Fuming Fusion ".

Campus Fair
The Campus Fair was held on 9th April and as usual, we had a Pedal Prix stall. There was a lot of interest from students and parents alike and we ran a competition to see who could clock the fastest average time over a 1 minute period. Detailed below are the names of the students with the fastest times in the cars.

Year 5 Tain Smith & Orlando Greene Alice Hanney
Year 6 Corey Wood Rachel Farmer
Year 7 Michael Powell Katrina Smith
Year 4 and below Brandan Tragar Shelby Keen
Year 8+ Jarryd Simister Emmy Dean

Congratulations and well done to all those who had a go. It was great to see so much interest and enthusiasm.

The first two Sunday training sessions were held on 7th and 14th May and were superbly attended. Sunday training continued after the May race and attandance was again was very good each week. It is hard to give all students a lot of time in the cars but they have been steadily improving.

There were a number of rollovers during training with only a couple of minor scrapes. The cars have been built to all the safety requirements and those standards have been tested often this year. There were a couple of notable incidents in Silver Streak early in the season with two of our Year 5 girls. Firstly Alice Hanney managed to get airborne before roling the car in quite a spectacular fashion. Then, Hannah Stampke got it up on two weels a couple of times before doing a complete rollover. With shaky legs, they both kept racing showing great courage and resilience for younger students.

Following the July race, Sunday training was changed and all students were rostered on to 30 minute slots between 9am and 3pm. This was designed to give them a solid half hour stint in the car and then another half hour riding their bikes so their stamina and leg strength would improve.

Unfortunately, only a few weeks before the September race, both Thermal Thunder and Silver Streak experienced wheel hub fractures which resulted in the drivers at the time losing control and slamming into a gutter. In the case of Thermal Thunder, the whole wheel was buckled and required replacement. The mechanics had to work hard to get the vehicles prepared for the big race.

2006 Parent volunteers
A big thank you to the wonderful band of parents who again volunteered their time to ensure another successful year. In particular, those who volunteered for the committee put in a great amount of work. They were:

Chairperson: Peter Hanney
Head Mechanic: David Lunn
Logistics Manager: Phil Bigg
Communications: Jo Powell
Fundraising: Greg Kelly
Catering: Anita Quinn
Marketing: David Powell

In addition, Karen Matthers, Deputy Principal at Spence, undertook the Pedal Prix Manager's role for her third year. Other parents who provided incredible efforts all year are: Bill and Di Wood, Rob Aitken, Herman and Wendy Stampke, Paul Davill, Bernie Cumming-Buntin, Kaye Starzcak, Toni Kelly, Debbie Hanney and Gerard Hardbottle.

In addition, other parents who gave of their time in preparing for the 24 hour race were: Lindsay Gardner, Tony Miller, Rian Hill.

I hope I haven't missed anyone.

A big thank you to our sponsors for their ongoing support and financial assistance. We are very happy to commend their products and services to this community.

This year we are proudly sponsored and supported by:

• Mortgage 123
• Trak Cycles
• Ernst & Young
• Flagstaff Hill Bakers Pantry
• O'Halloran Hill TAFE
• Gardner Painting Renovation Maintenance
• Noarlunga Hospital
• Hamilton Laboratories
• Kennards Hire
• Tabletop Water
• Aberfoyle Park Scouts

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