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A Year in Review - Season 2004

The May Event
The first event of the season was enthusiastically attended by a large group of Campus parents and participants (28 students out of a possible 31). For many of them, it was the first taste of a pedal prix competition and it proved to be an exciting day's action; with quite a number of roll-overs occurring (many of them from our drivers!)

In the two 3 -hour segments of the race we managed to give almost everyone at least 2 turns in a vehicle and the chance to see first hand what it is like dodging and weaving amongst 70 other vehicles

Whilst the speed of our drivers wasn't an emphasis, it was pleasing to have Half Mad Max finish 9th and Campus Comet 17th in the primary division.

Silver Streak
Front: Kristian Hanley, Marcus Harders,
Natasha Paffett, Michael Waterman,
Brodie Aplin
Middle: Jo Powell (Team Manager),
Aydan Evans, Alex Penn, Lorinda Ginn,
Jacynta Batt
Seated: Ben van Tienen

Half Mad Max
Front: Troy Pike, Ben Cosford,
Bright Herebrand, Josh Terpstra,
Scott Kelly, Rowan Gustafsson
Back: Peter Hanney (Team Manager),
Jonathon, Patrick Evans-Sanchez,
Jessica Murray, Kim Youings,
Jacinta Paffatt, Michael Powell,
Ben Cosford
The July Event
Students from our schools involved in this year's pedal prix competition have recently participated in the 2nd of 3 events. This time our teams raced in a 6-hour event at Victoria Park Racecourse on Sunday July 25th.

Nearly 30 students competed in our two race vehicles with our Silver Streak team coming 12th and Half Mad Max coming 28th in the Primary Division. Congratulations are extended to Marcus Harders (Heysen) (most laps) and Kristian Hanley (Pilgrim) (Fastest lap) in the Silver Streak team and to Patrick Evans (Pilgrim) and Michael Powell (Pilgrim) for equally fastest lap in Half Mad Max.

Thankyou to all parents who helped out.

The September Event
During last weekend our Campus Pedal Prix teams again competed in the International Pedal Prix 24 - hour race held at Murray Bridge. The teams continued our long tradition of involvement in this 20-year old competition and once again demonstrated the excellent spirit of co-operation between our four schools.

The first four hours of this race proved to be surprisingly difficult for the Silver Streak team who were expected to perform at least as well as last year’s team. For a reason that wasn’t to become obvious until four hours into the race, the students struggled to complete more than two laps at a time and came in to the pits looking exhausted. The Half Mad Max team with all its novice riders were actually beating the Silver Streak team.

Finally it was discovered that one of Silver Streak’s brakes was partially engaged causing significant drag. After a minor adjustment, the car was back on the rails and suddenly, the team seemed to find courage and stamina from somewhere and gradually reeled in its competitors.

After falling to around 34th in the primary division at the four-hour mark, the team clawed its way back and by late in the race had regained a spot in the top ten. Pit crews were put under extreme pressure by the students to ensure the changeovers were done as quickly as possible.

At the end of the race, the Silver Steak team gave the Campus its best ever result in the competition eclipsing last years record breaking effort by 21 laps. The Silver Streak team ended the race in 7th position with a staggering 281 laps. Just image what could have been achieved if the mechanical issue hadn’t occurred!

Half Mad Max, with its troupe of younger and smaller drivers did an extremely good job and although ended up in 29th position, they still managed to complete a very creditable 225 laps.

Special mention goes to Kristian Hanley for fastest lap (4:05 min) and Marcus Harders and Aydan Evans for most laps (32 each).

Silver Streak
Front: David and Jo Powell (Team Managers)
Centre: Aydan Evans, Michael Powell,
Tom Chapman, Michael Waterman,
Ben van Tienen, Brodie Aplin
Back: Kristian Hanley, Samantha Bigg,
Jacynta Batt, Lorinda Ginn,
Patrick Evans-Sanchez, Alex Penn
Seated: Marcus Harders

Half Mad Max
Front: (kneeling), Alice Hill, Lucy Hanney,
Ben Cosford
Centre: Rowan Gustafsson, Josh Terpstra,
Scott Kelly, Bright Heerebrand
Back: Debbie Hanney (Manager),
Natasha Paffett, Jacinta Paffett,
Jessica Murray, Kim Youings,
Nathaniel Cosford, Peter Hanney (Manager)
Seated: Troy Pike
Finally, a big thank you to our sponsors for their ongoing support and financial assistance. They have all provided an invaluable component of success and we are very happy to commend their products and services to this community.

This year's event was proudly sponsored and supported by

• Aberfoyle Park Drake Foodland
• Keen's Office Furniture
• TL Screenprinters
• Bannermasters
• O'Halloran Hill TAFE
• Aberfoyle Park Scouts
• Deloitte
• Davenport-Durham Enterprises
• Kennard's Hire
• Adelaide Crystal Glass
• Happy Valley McDonald's
• Aberfoyle Park Scouts

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