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A Year in Review - Season 2002

On September the 21st and 22nd the Aberfoyle Park Primary School Campus Pedal Prix students attended the International Pedal Prix competition at Murray Bridge.

We had three teams entered in the 24-hour endurance race comprising of 42 students from across Campus. All three teams managed to last the distance and perform well; however Sprocket Rocket's result was clouded by the fact it had about an hour and a half off the track undergoing two welding repairs and two flat tyres.

I congratulate all students who took part in this event for their participation, superb effort, great team spirit and exemplary behaviour.

Campus Comet

Front: Michael Nicolo, Mark Shannon, Matthew Daughtry, Robbie Jones, Lauren Cooper
Middle: Shane Kovacevic, Alex Channing, Matthew Harders, Joel Stephenson,
Fiona Bailey, Carly Brady
Back: Chris Parsons (Manager), Clive Brady (Manager)
Absent: Thomas Schneider, Alex Dickson

Sprocket Rocket

Front: Christine Brown, Alex Terpstra, Daniel Turner, Ben Hanney, Hannah Pitt,
Rachael Pitt, Kira Gordon
Middle: Nathaniel Stark, Lauren Powell, Russell Jansen, David Morgan, Ben Terpstra,
Michael Wright, Ridge Halliday
Back: Peter Hanney (Manager), David Powell (Manager), Jo Powell (Manager)

Silver Streak

Front: Alex Waterman, Damien Witek, Jason Samarcq, Andrew Alvino, Matt Jose,
Matthew Hehenr, Philip Smith, James King
Middle: Jesse Daughtry, Kevin Witek, Steven Goss, David Parsons,
Andrew McIlwain, Josiah Elms, Brenton Ginn
Back: Geno Alvino (Manager), Andy Smith (Manager)

I would also like to commend the contribution made by various staff and parents from the four schools. There were close to a hundred adults who provided some support time during the weekend and they were a significant reason why the weekend was such an enjoyable one for all.

The managers of the three teams deserve a special mention. The time and energy they put into the weekend was fantastic. I thank most sincerely the following:- Clive Brady and Chris Parsons for the Campus Comet team, Geno Alvino and Andy Smith for the Silver Streak team, and Peter Hanney, David and Jo Powell for the Sprocket Rocket team.

Our sponsors make the event possible through their generosity and also deserve our thanks. As such, the following are commended for their support and recommended to you.
This year's event was proudly sponsored and supported by the following:

• COMAU Australia Pty.Ltd
• NAS (National ATM Services)
• Blackwood 'Velo-city' Bicycles
• Happy Valley McDonald's
• Adelaide Crystal Glass Service (K & B Turner)
• DELCO Removals
• Premier Trailers
• ZigZag Signs
• Aberfoyle Park Scouts
• Happy Valley BMX Club
• Buttercup Bakers
• Banner Masters

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