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A Year in Review - Season 2001

On September the 22nd and 23rd the Aberfoyle Park Primary School Campus entered three teams into the International Pedal Prix 24-hour endurance race at Murray Bridge comprising of 47 students from across campus. All three teams managed to last the distance and perform well. The results showed each of our three teams to have travelled more laps than ever before in their respective class, which is an outstanding result.

Congratulations to all students who took part in this event for their participation, superb effort, great team spirit and exemplary behaviour. Students received a certificate that shows their individual performance during the event. A special thank you also to the various staff and parents for their contribution to the success of this event.

Campus Comet

Front: Mathew Barnett, Rowan Mount, Ariel Lintern, Steven Goss, Rick Schneider
Back: Larry Edge (Team Manager), Jenna Stockman, Peter Hyde, Cameron Perkins,
Luke Mills, Matthew Jose, Mark Shannon, Roger Shearer (Team Manager)

Mad Max

Front: Robert Jones, Philip Smith, Yasmine Chaplin, Lizzie Wylie, Chloe Galpin, Rebecca Opie,
Josh Lamb, Brendon Arthur
Middle: Tyson Jeanes, Craig King, Simon Reeves, Tamara Chudzicki, Carly Brady, Shane Kovacevic
Back: Clive Brady (Team Manager), Stefan Williams, Aarron Cornish, Ian Sharrad, Fiona Bailey,
Kelsea Starczak, Ben Terpstra, Shane Reeves (Team Manager)

Sprocket Rocket

Front: Philip Perkins, Andrew McIlwain, Andrew McCarl, Andrew Alvino, Matthew Hehner,
Jarrad Semmler, Kyle Hunter
Back: Rob Semmler (Team Manager), Michael Leonard, Brenton Davill, Renee Kovacevic,
Kylie Bedwell, Jon King, Geno Alvino (Team Manager)
Absent: Ben Wortley, Stefan Carlsson

There were close to a hundred adults who provided some support time during the weekend and they were a significant reason why the weekend was such an enjoyable one for all. There are so many individuals who contributed to the event that it is impossible to list them all but there are some who can not go unmentioned.

Thanks especially to the committee of Tanya Stott, David Jenkins, Marg Rigby, Kerry Fagg, Sue Semmler and Rob Bedwell for their tireless effort over the last six months. The managers of the three teams also deserve a special mention. The time and energy they put into the weekend was fantastic.

A most sincere thank you to the following:- Larry Edge and Roger Shearer for the Campus Comet team, Geno Alvino and Rob Semmler for the Sprocket Rocket team, and Clive Brady and Shane Reeves for the Mad Max team.

A special mention is also made to Sue Semmler, Rob Bedwell and Willem Corbett. These three have been long standing 'movers and shakers' for the Campus Pedal Prix effort. Each is stepping down from their leadership role and will be hard to replace. We wholeheartedly thank them for their time and effort over many years.

Our sponsors make the event possible through their generosity and also deserve our thanks. As such, the following are commended and recommended to you.

• COMAU Aust. Pty Ltd
• DANA Corporation
• Toll Transport (Finemores)
• Kennard's Hire
• Kyton's Bakery
• Aberfoyle Park Scouts
• Table Top Water
• Sun Medical Equipment
• Happy Valley Mc Donald's

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